Cassava Production
Cassava cultivation as a business

The first step is to define the business:

  • Cultivation of cassava stem cuttings.
  • Production of whole cassava plants.
  • Production of cassava tubers.
General interest in farming and cassava in particular, is required and it is important. You must be fully prepared and properly informed before you begin to undertake any cassava business.
Are you ready to become a successful cassava-based businessman? Cassava cultivation is the business of growing cassava leaves, stems, and roots for profit. The main focus is on the roots and stems, but the leaves are a good supplementary output with a potential cash value.
The business environment in Nigeria must be understood and plans must be made relevant to the local business community. The stage of agricultural development in the nation will affect every step of your work. Specific conditions and specified scales of operations for the particular business must be the chief concern of the entrepreneur. The general estimates used in the business plan are based on the best-bet knowledge and estimates available. The actual farming will require close follow-up at every step of the cultivation process. This is to enable you to pay attention to important details and to modify the business plan when necessary. This way, you will be able to further reduce cost at every stage of the field work.
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